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Mar 16, 2011 6:00pm PDT
closures, etc., etc. -- changing, road closures, etc., etc., a team we sent up, a 10-hour journey that should only have taken about five. >> normally when you have this sort of natural disaster, however bad it was, there is a degree of closure. i mean you know when the disaster has ended then you get the cleanup and rescue operations. you can't really say this about this, can you? >> no, not at this stage. we have to remember our main goal, to try to meet humanitarian needs of the people that have been affected. but yeah, it's very, very difficult when it's constantly evolving and every day, every minute you hear something different about the nuclear situation. but we have to remain focused on the main goal and consider the impact on the people. >> like everyone else you are i guess watching the news about the nuclear situation closely and are you considering pulling out your own people? >> well, we're watching closely and of course the number one priority has to be the safety of our own staff. we have a team right now working to determine what it means for us as an organization a
Mar 12, 2011 11:00pm PST
azul. >>> el terremoto y tsunami tubo impacto en la tecnologia, como memorias, camaras, etc. >>> más lluvia en camino. >>> las condicines son coen unas 61 de máximas. >>> dos tercios de distrito norte espera una lluvia ligera. >>> recuerde hoy adelantamos el reloj una hora. >>> por el momento las máximas entre unas 60, 63grados fahrenheit . >>> que tengan buenas noches . >>> si usted tiene un producto en mal estado, le diremos donde quejarse. >>> los detalles después de la pausa. >>> a seis mese de la explosion de san bruno, la compañia indicó, que reembolsara por los daños.>>> >>> >>> el gobierno puso una pagina de internet donde la comunidad puede colocar sus quejas. >>> la comision
Mar 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
to arrange some changes in the passport, etc., and the agreement was that on a sunday i would go via switzerland to belgium and france, france and belgium, and when i succeed, i would call my wife who would be with the other son-- - you each had one of your kids with you? - yes. i escape with my son ivan, who was about three and a half years old, and by the way, my sympathies with communists could be related to the name of my son, ivan, which is a russian name. - that's the fun part. it helped because the russian soldiers at the border liked him. - it helped because when we entered austria, we were inspected, of course, by the soviet inspectors, and any czech going west was suspicious, so i established a good relationship by speaking russian, and then they liked young children, and they asked me, "what is the name of your son?" i said, "ivan. ivan." and so he asked to open the window. i opened the window, and he kissed my little son, and wished me a nice happy return back to czechoslovakia, and this is how i passed the border. a similar thing happened on the other side of the river,
Mar 9, 2011 12:00am PST
, the hips, being labeled mentally retarded, etc., etc., etc. how do survive that childhood? >> there were two big things. my mother would go to the library and get your free bags full of books. i was in a body cast, face up or face down. books got me on my mind. i had those people, when i got out and i was on crutches and i was week, had people coming up to me, like the coach who pushed me. tough hutchins, we call them the preacher, who would come up and affirmed me. i was blessed with people like that. in the absence of my father. and in the absence of god. at the time, i did not believe. i guess i believe in god as a child believes, but i felt an absence of his love. if you love me, why would you do this to my body? if you love me, why? tavis: had to navigate past that or through that? -- how do you navigate past that or through that? >> my spiritual what has been slippery. as i have gotten to be an adult, i have gone back to loving god and loving your neighbor. if you want to feel the presence of god, it is a simple little trick. you love your neighbor. when your counter helping the pe
Mar 9, 2011 5:30pm PST
as an extraordinary circumstances because of the illicit drugs and the neighborhood, etc., etc.. all of this has been heard previously turned down there must be due process here. the rules are clear. the board has to follow its own rules. there is a california case on this. as they previously refiled the hearing a request and the supplemental request, which is where the new facts and circumstances had to be, there was no new circumstances and nothing extraordinary based on that is for a rehearing request not on the merits. that is all i have to say. are there any questions? >> thank you. are there any department or comments? okay. then we will move into public comment. >> we are at risk of losing our quorum. i will limit public comment to two minutes. >> i will remind people that the subject tonight is for the rehearing request. you should be speaking to that during your public comments. if you could please step up towards the microphone. if you could please complete a speaker cards either before or after you speak, it would be very helpful to the preparation of the minutes. >> i am the program direc
Mar 17, 2011 12:00am PDT
, confections, etc.. -- tea shops. tobacco and magazines, self- service laundromats, household goods -- commissioner hwang: is that list considered exhaustive? >> it depends, because there are so many variations and so many creative applications of business establishments that may fit under this use. it may fit under a restaurant use. it is not exhaustive. there may be something else we apply under this category. commissioner hwang: thank you. commissioner.-- commissioner fung: mr. sanchez, historically, we know that banks had a moratorium against them, or there was definitely a c.u. of some form. since this came out in 2004, has this occurred somewhere in san francisco, and, therefore, the issue of definition of specific news was brought forth? -- specific use was brought forth? >> no. financial-services, it goes back to the late 1970's and early 1980's, when there was a proliferation of branch banks, and then, since that time, it does not seem to have been in use, even the controls regulating financial services being adequate to address those concerns, or it is just the nature of t
Mar 12, 2011 4:00am PST
and as a result of blue ribbon committee, etc., etc. when we first started the hearing, there's going to be a lot of things on the radar scope affecting the city. one of them, of course the major one is starting for many institutions, july 1, with presidency requirements pertaining to hours, cutback on hours, training and also the mandate to increase primary care. as many of us know in the city and it's been reviewed both in the health commission particularly with the committees, we have a co-hort of primary care physicians and we have a shortage in the committee. and the st. luke motto was started with the a.c.m. and became part of our family practice residency program and then it was disengaged. what i'm saying is given the fact that we have a multitude of challenges how we're going to provide professional services in the city, it may be an opportunity to revisit some models which at least work a number of years ago but could be modified now given the fact that our academic health science centers are facing a number of mandates where we really have to work even more closely together and partner
Mar 1, 2011 2:00pm PST
, tunisia, etc., etc., what is it going to take? i am trying to be optimistic. when dick, we will wake up and take the situation under control as the american people -- one day. what will it take? >> well, it might take another one. it might take five or 10 years of the american people realizing that what we have now is the new normal. this actually is the first of these financial crises that has made a huge mark on the american people. the first two of them did not, for various reasons, but now, this has hit a lot of people. foreclosures, the an in play grid, and, of course, the average american incomes are actually down -- foreclosures, unemployment. i think it will take people coming to terms with the fact that that is what has happened as a result of this and deciding that really, they have to do something about it. tavis: so are you hopeful about that? >> in the long run, yes. i think president obama had a very powerful, unique, historical opportunity when he was elected, and he blew it, badly, and now, it is going to be a much longer, much more gradual, tougher process to get this c
Mar 3, 2011 12:00am PST
in afghanistan that does not have corruption, good government, etc., i don't think we can do that. i have no problem saying i know how to do the military mission. but then if you say, what about all of afghanistan, no, that is a bridge too far. just say we're not having terrorists take over here. tavis: let me circle back. three years ago i asked your definition of winning in iraq. we're talking now about winning in afghanistan. what does it mean for us now in afghanistan? >> winning, to me, is defined by we have done enough so that our troops come back home on a regular basis, at no more surge, and that the afghans, the afghan army is able to stand up for themselves against the taliban. if somebody says what about the fact that karzai is a balm and cannot get things done, i say, hey, that is none of my business. that could still remain a mess. it may not turn out perfectly, but if we prevent the terrace from taking over, that is enough. -- but if we prevent the terrorists from taking over, that is enough. tavis: the president is hearing from critics, and the democratic party at their ann
Mar 10, 2011 1:00am PST
attorney's office. there is a share that -- etc., etc. that share, which for them is a portion of their funding is almost my entire funding so when you say you're going to cut 13% off everybody equally. well, 13% for us is more than 13% of their entire budget than for the other agencies. now the problem is that's the ripple effect we just had here. now they still have their investigators because they have other agencies that provide the investigation. we don't. our investigators are the ones that have to be trimmed off because we can't pay for them. our attorneys, again, they are paid for by the county. we have to cut back our attorneys. meanwhile, the prosecution, yes, they may have to cut back the attorneys. there are a lot of attorneys still being funded by these grant positions. so we're up against a resource that doesn't go down in the same proportional rate as we do. we get contracted further than they are. that's the disparity now. they try find a way to make it cheaper. those ideas are always popping up. you see them all over the state. is it cheaper to do it by privati
Mar 16, 2011 11:00pm PDT
sales and service. >> financial service. >> n.c. three. same thing. n.c.s. broadway. etc., etc. all of them are the same. under every neighborhood commercial district, even though it is conditional, it is permitted. the definition is always the same. financial service falls under sales and retail under every district in the code. >> sherry -- i live about three wlocks away. have done so for 17 years. the alternative to a starbucks is independent coffee house, thank goodness, but the alternative to a bank, any bank is no bank. i can remember when our neighborhood was red lineded.
Mar 3, 2011 8:00pm PST
, transportation costs, etc.. commissioner moore: i want to start with a question. and as we are initiating, there will be a number of changes in part of the document. i know that different groups are asking different phases and you sit here and take notes. what is going to be approved? there still needs to be a lot of work done in order for those questions to be properly answered or incorporated. is that correct? >> that is correct. if we can process them, we can bring them back on the 17th. >> isn't it so the draft eia r -- eir makes -- >> on april 7, we will have the certification of the eir and the actions in front of you to consider, as like he would do on any public project. commissioner moore: in some areas, i had prepared to talk about the sustainable -- sustainability plan, with the caveat that i believe there are a number of issues that would challenge assumptions in the sustainability plan. some people will be concerned. this is a 20 year project. we are taking a big leap of faith together. i see some gaps in the sustainability plan which i will not talk about, but i will direct
Mar 14, 2011 2:00pm PDT
. a new ferry terminal building and structure, etc. the development program has not changed since we were before the board earlier in 2010. it is 8000 new homes, basically enough critical mass to build a new neighborhood and support the amenities that any neighborhood would want, such as a grocery store, muni bustline, ferry terminal, etc. -- muni bus line theory 2/3 of the space designated as open space. 300 acres. and 2000 jobs created annually from the construction. the process to get here has been long and thorough. we have been before this body several times to talk about the development plan. the board endorsed the term sheet in 2006 as well as a land use plan. the term sheet with our development partners. they are all treasure island -- they're called treasure island community development. the plan has had a lot of scrutiny. we have had over 250 community meetings. many residents meetings. many meetings with stakeholders on the mainland of san francisco. we have had a lot of scrutiny over the last 15 years. supervisor wiener: i'm sorry. our screens are going berserk here. it is rea
Mar 16, 2011 1:30pm PDT
to this strategy, people reclaiming the area, the streets, makes it more vital, etc., etc., but it still requires certain services for the city to make it happen did it could be enhanced police services, -- to make it happen. it could be enhanced police services, muni services, right? >> it could be that it winds up being more effective. supervisor mirkarimi: but we do not know it. tell me if anywhere in this can oculist's -- in this calculus -- that adds to, i think, the package as to what makes this just that kind of complete deal. i think we are taking one slice of a 10-supplies10-slice pie pie -- i think we are taking one slice of a 10-slice pie. foot patrols, muni services, did the office looked at any of these? -- look at any of there? >> madam chair, members of the committee, in supervisor mirkarimi, as i mentioned in my report -- and supervisor mirkarimi, these are on the top of page nine. we do not have costs for these, and i think you raise a valid question. we do not have costs, and we did point out that those costs should be weighed in the context of the budget shortfall in the city a
Mar 18, 2011 11:00pm PDT
, please? retail sales and service. >> financial service. >> n.c. three. same thing. n.c.s. broadway. etc., etc. all of them are the same. under every neighborhood commercial district, even though it is conditional, it is permitted. the definition is always the same. financial service falls under sales and retail under every district in the code. >> sherry -- i live about three wlocks away. have done so for 17 years. the alternative to a starbucks is independent coffee house, thank goodness, but the alternative to a bank, any bank is no bank. i can remember when our neighborhood was red lineded. when i first moved in, i couldn't get pizza delivery because it was red lined. some of you probably realize when banks were pulling branches from needy neighborhoods forcing people to have no services. i don't want to go back to that time. contrary to what the former person said, credit unions are not mom and pop operations. they are regional and often national organizations. i know i worked in financial services for a long time. i also wants to say that no property owner under these economic time
Mar 21, 2011 6:00pm PDT
address that. it seems to me, everyone is speaking of music, dance, etc., but there was a lot more to the black community in fillmore, as you all know, so we want us to pay close attention to the culture part of the community. let's not just continue to keep preserving music, jazz, and preserving fillmore music history. by the way, last year, the name was changed. i believe at one point, it was the fillmore jazz preservation district. then a change to the fillmore business district. but the community has not for years, until we made an effort to organize a community advisory committee, to help address some of the things that are never at the table, which the community wants, which is an organization being recognized by city hall every time you propose something like this measure. but we support with conditions. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. happy to be here in support of this legislation. there is really two things that you need to make a successful pedestrian-oriented commercial district. one is the buildings have to meet the st. well. thanks to a supervisor -- thanks t
Mar 30, 2011 6:30pm PDT
a satisfactory turnout of people at those meetings, not just local activists, etc., etc., and that is my comment. vice president marshall: any further public comment? we will try to schedule meetings at all of the district's we have -- districts we have. this just came up because of the rising homicide rate issue. we normally try to get to all of the districts. i note the meeting is publicized through the commission office and through the district. the district captain himself. all right, no further public comment on that item? commissioner kingsley: just throwing this out to the last speaker, sir? if you have any specific suggestions of what you think effective outreach is on the part of the commission to get the message out, we are open to any suggestions you have that are specific on that point. to the lieutenant would be terrific. thank you. vice president marshall: all right, a public comment on that is closed. item number six. secretary lt. falvey: did you want to item number four? a discussion review status of the commission's priority list and possible action to repriori tize itee -- ite
Mar 25, 2011 8:00pm EDT
, asking for what's the end game, how to we get out of this, etc., etc. and then democrats wanted to know when you're going to speak to the american public and we got that answer but in the end, he didn't give them any more than he's already -- >> i have two questions for you is there ever, anymore, an end game articulated in advance? and is there ever anymore true consultation with congress in these things? >> people always say, you ought to know how-year going to come out before you go in. >> they say that. >> the criticism of barack obama that i have heard is that he spent so much time talking about the process of getting the coalition together, i mean this was no easy feat. and he does deserve an awful lot of credit for that. getting the arab league on board, which was clearly the tipping point here, getting the arab league on board, getting a vote out of the u.n. security council, everybody was saying, you can never get a vote out they have u.n. security council, he focused so much on the process, the question was, ok, so you do it, let's talk about the strategy. that's the -- the wh
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 407 (some duplicates have been removed)